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That was atmospheric. Spooky. Tense. Really like this. Also beautiful. Open ending is perfect. Also good choice of short-film for the base.


What an amazing game! You reallly got the P.T fell right. The atmosphere was spooky and confusing, leading to some cool jumpscares.  I actually made a video playing this amazing game with hilarious reactions. I hope you enjoy. I'm so excited for the full release on Steam.

This game gave me goosebumps from how scary it was. The silent Hill inspiration was so good. Cannot wait to see how your game is in 2019 

Confusing, startling, odd, just a couple words I'd use to describe what you've created here.

Good job, the Silent Hill inspiration really bleeds through.


I found this game fairly interesting. It let me create the backstory of the game just with what was happening at the moment. Keep it up and I'll definitely be watching the inspiration video.


I hope that there is a Part II ? The ending was quite abrupt and I learned nothing. The graphics were good, and the effects were also  good. However, the extremely bright lighting was a bit annoying.  Also, I felt like the effects were being used a little too much? That's my input. Overall, great job though!  

I was very confused at everything that was happening. I usually like to jump straight into games so I'm not expecting too much to leave an element of surprise, but part of me wishes I had more of the inspired "backstory" before I started it. I think this could be easily mistaken for a form of performance art, and I mean that in the best way possible. 

Loved the design of the woods, and the way the trees swayed. The creepy crawler was awesome looking and I liked how the story was laid out in pieces. Creepy and artistic.

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This Game really freaked me out. Good job RG Crew. My skin crawled bad. 30 seconds is when i start the game. Feel free to skip. I had to thank my patreon supporter first. 

This was amazing (and makes me totally forgive you for TEHGE :P). Love the atmosphere, the graphics. If anything my only complaint is that the game ended! I'd love to see this expanded upon.

really like the game has a very interesting story and some great actors  also the graphics look amazing cant wait to see more!!

I've got to say for a free indie game, this game has a lot of polish! 

I'm not sure what happened with the story to be honest with you, but it was an interesting ride!

Keep up the great work!

Here's my play through for anyone interested:

This game is alot of fun. Great job dev

Ce jeu est plein de ressource je le conseille pour une expérience extrêmement vivante.

big pleasure to playing this game.

Cette expérience était grandiose!!! J’aurais du visualiser le court métrage avant sa m’aurait ouvert les yeux sur l’intrigue. Épatant :)

Awesome Game

Interesting story and nice graphics


ABSOLUTELY MIND-BLOWING! | ROT - Purgatory Hill Full Gameplay Walkthrough


this game is going to be big! if this becomes a full on game, then wow!! details, perfect! the feel of gameplay, perfect! the build up, beyond perfect!! :D really really awesome job on making this game!

Thank you for nice words but ROT is done. :)

We work actually on fully-fledged game which you can see here:


Man this would make a great movie, everyone would be so confused they would tell people they got it so they seem smart. Also makes a great game!

7/10 Confusing, but still scary so I kinda like it c:

Really beautiful and interesting game. Really horrifying yet cool experience. Tried coming up with some theories about the story! 

An interesting game. The visuals look great. We really ejoyed it.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

I loved this, confusing, but really well made

really cool experience

I like so much the Silent Hill and RE reference(forest).


Played your game and just want to say WOW. You nailed an aesthetic, it's horrifying, it's so good! Can't wait to see more!


great game

Really interesting experience with this one.  I loved the wind and lighting changes.

Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video


Fantastic game!! This game blew me away. I love the story and and graphics were amazing. Great job!! Side note the game is only downloadable via the website. I noticed some people were having trouble downloading. The itch app will tell you it's not available on windows. To download it go here: and hit download. Its a .zip file so you will need winrar. I hope this helps :D


Ive got so many questions.. I wanan know everything and it makes me understand nothing! why was there a nuke explosion ? why the creepy scary crawling chicks! why the shooting !!! i loved the game but it left me so confused!! 

anyways awesome job! :D


vergy good sounds, very good graphics and I also like the animations. Disturbing story as well. Are you planning a full release of something similar?
My video is in German language:


Definitely enjoyed this game! The first presentation of the "monster" where everything goes to hell really quickly gave me real nostalgia to Silent Hill. It was very well done!

will it be available for windows?

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We do not expect to release the Windows version in the future... 

bcuz  this one only version is for Windows, you know  ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)

Am I missing a joke? it says "unavailablefor windows" on the itch io page?

Yes. You have to download it from the itchio page because on the app it's say there is no windows version. But it's a .zip file so you will play it on windows without any problems. Just copy and past into your browser:


You have to download it from the itch web page. On the itch app it says not available for windows. On the web page you download it as a .zip file. Copy and past this into the browser:  I hope this helps.

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Wow! It's a really fantastic game.
I played really immersed. I hope to release the full game!

Interesting game I gave it a try.

Hey! Just wanted to leave some feedback on the game. Start off, The game had me like.... WTF!. Not in a bad way, just visuals had me all confundeld (totally legit word). had a really trippy vibe. The atmosphere was kinda eerie, and what made it work well was the alteration of the environmental lighting change, just added creepiness. Graphic wise it look clean, didn’t look clunky, everything ran smoothly didn’t have any issues with the interaction between characters. The ending had me a little confused. Other than that, keep up the good work.

I have many questions after playing it. Really liked the use of light and wind effects. We should sit down and talk about Departure. :) 

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Thanks, we're glad you loved it :)

As for the story, we do not want to talk about it yet. Some players have already correctly guessed "what's going on here" :)
But you are very close, It is purgatory, and the protagonist is not entirely... bad. He simply made a tragic mistake. 

Almost every element is symbolic here. The key to understanding is therefore not their literal interpretation.

And Departure ... There will be many opportunities for a detailed discussion about it soon :3

I like it when you're left with speculation and you weave individual stories based on what happens. :) Looking forward to hearing about Departure. :) 

Did you guys also make the movie ROT-Silent Hill? This game is exactly like that, I think the sounds are even the same?  I enjoyed both, and love anything silent hill. 

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