A downloadable game for Windows

ROT is short psychological horror game inspired by "Silent Hill" series.

You wake up in your car, sore in the middle of the forest. This place seems very familiar to you, but why?

You hear a familiar voice, but you do not know it. Who is she and what she wants from you?

Did you kill her?

You will be reminded of everything.

Who you are?

What you did?

Do you remember?


The key to understanding is not a literal interpretation of everything you experience.

Game based on short-film ROT by Corridor Digital.
Film originally directed by Adrian Picardi.
Starring Jordan Matlock.

Check our another game upcoming on Steam!


ROT 1.0.2.zip 260 MB


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Amazing experience.

How I interpreted this game, I shot Sarah with my car twisting her body into a non edible condition. I proceeded to eat both her babies, the two cars and the baby crying was the clue. And was in a baby induced coma hence the ending. Thank you letting me enjoy the baby eating glutton simulation. XOXO

Heyo, I love this game and it's relation with the video made by "Corridor Digital"

The concept in both the video and your game is GREAT! and i rate it 10/10!

Hi, we just played your game and enjoyed ourselves. Good adaptation of the short film. Thanks for making it!

Here is my video of this game, which is the 2nd game in my 3 Random Games series.

Honestly, I wanted to play more but the performance was hugely decreased by the level of quality in the scenery.

I liked this game. Here is my play through and speculation. I hope you enjoy :) 

Um.... I started the game up and All I get is me drawing white on a black screen.... Is this normal?.... o_0

Gave it a go...

I have fallen in love with what you did to my heart and soul. You made my goosebumps scream in terror. Great game!

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Loved this!! You said it was going to be immersive and you did a damn good job!! 

Pretty well done :D
The best single scene in terms of impact is probably the one with the sirens.
Also interesting to see how the same scene can feel completely different depending on light, sound, effects and post processing.

That was terrifying!!It made me feel so uncomfortable and it left me astonished by how great it looked. I made a 3 scary games and "ROT" is the second one >

buen juego, me ha gustado mucho, habra mas?

Made a lil gameplay and a review at the end which you might find helpful! 

This is a really cool concept! 


Loved this one! The atmosphere was crazy and I could really feel the tension. Keep up the awesome work!

this was a riy cool game, did a video on it ROT FULL GAMEPLAY

Game is not very fun man

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LOVED IT! This is  my favorite type of game: atmospheric, cinematic and immersive. 

For me the trees and lighting stole the show! My absolute favorite part was when the sirens go off, all the trees move together and the sky turns red as if a nuclear bomb just went off or the world was ending. It was chilling and beautiful at the same time. 

I will definitely be playing Departure when it comes out! 

Keep up the great work!

xoxo C.P.

great story and such an awesome experience! Great work on this horror game! 

This was such a cool experience 

This is truly amazing, thank you for the great game! 

I am so not good at horror games but i love this one alot because of the vibes it creates


Uploaded a video on your game just now & I absolutely loved it really good and extremely creepy! :) 


Hey, super neat stuff, thanks!

I cannot put into words how much I loved this game. It was just so well made. Everything gave me goosebumps and i was always on edge. Great work :D

Good work RG Crew! Liked the look and feel of the game.
After finishing it I looked up the short-film and I was pretty impressed.

Very nice game indeed ...Especially the fact that is inspired from Silent Hill series ..Good job man keep up the good woork ....


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Hello RG Crew,

I've played several of your games on my channel. I knew when I saw that this game was made by you I was in for a treat. I'm never let down with jump scares and, bizzare happenings when I see that RG Crew logo. I'm not for certain but, is the girl in this game the same as, symmetry and, some other games you have produced? I'm hoping so as, I feel that character ties in well with your games.

I don't remember anything can you help me ?

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This game was awesome and the atmosphere of the game. Gave me goosebumps. Looking forward to what you do next. 

I swear I didn't do anything! What's happening!

Really love the game so far!

Just like Silent Hill games, it's really messing with your mind, so as an inspiration, I think you did a great job!

I'm looking forward to what this game will bring in the future. I'll be following it :)

Just like some others, I decided to make a video on my experience. I was drunk though, please excuse me.. Feel free to have a look!

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