A downloadable game for Windows

ROT is short psychological horror game inspired by "Silent Hill" series.

You wake up in your car, sore in the middle of the forest. This place seems very familiar to you, but why?

You hear a familiar voice, but you do not know it. Who is she and what she wants from you?

Did you kill her?

You will be reminded of everything.

Who you are?

What you did?

Do you remember?


The key to understanding is not a literal interpretation of everything you experience.

Game based on short-film ROT by Corridor Digital.
Film originally directed by Adrian Picardi.
Starring Jordan Matlock.

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ROT 1.0.2.zip 260 MB

Development log


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When that twisted-up lady is crawling towards you, whew, truly frickin disturbing haha I can see how some, myself included, came into this experience totally baffled by what's going on. This really was an enjoyment, and even more after I watched the short film by Corridor Digital, and could clearly understand what the game was trying to translate. Experiences like this are what makes creating daily content super rewarding!

Great work!

4. A beautiful homage to the original work. This piece was immaculate. The graphics were great and the scenery was made with care and atmosphere in mind. The noises were terrifying and disorienting, exactly how they should be! The adapted story was nice as well! 

which game engine is used to make it? my pc does not support ue4

This game got me so confused with what was happening, I loved it! The atmosphere really got to me! Great little game, and beautiful looking too! 

good game real spook


This game gave me the chills and definitely remind me of silent hill - it's always fun watching everything happen around you and there is nothing you can do but watch! Be sure to check it out - 

Was an interesting game. Was really spooked at the dark forest parts because of the scary noises coming from everywhere, and the story towards the end made sense. 

I did feel like though the story that was being led up to the apparent and resulting end there didn't make much sense. I thought it started off being very sinister and that the person that the player plays had done something really bad to the crawling lady. And the messages seemed very random and didn't make sense. Then again, that's just me, I might have missed all of and misunderstood them.

Was a really nice looking game as well, especially during the dark and day, the rays looked really nice. And the audio was really well done; especially during the dark night part. I felt like there were things crawling or chasing after me.

Overall, not a bad game and definitely and interesting play. Good luck on future projects!

Wow. That was fantastic. Loved it.

That was incredible. That one scene with the sun... you know which one I'm talking about! *chef's kiss*

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very trippy game and definetly worth playing it wasnt very scary but it had a good story i dont know what it is but i liked it if you want to see the video i made on this here it is and thanks if you watched it 

Its based off a short film made by Corridor Digital, you should check it out if you liked this.

The entire gameplay I thought I was in a dream. Then the siren hits and gets me panicked a little and I keep going back to the same car! I was really trying to figure out what happened but I guess that will have to wait until further development. Felt so surreal... really nice job on the environment! I was trying to be positive the whole time by just talking stuff lol

The best Silent Hill same since Silent Hill 3. This has some of the most cool effects I've seen in a game possibly ever. It also freaked me out quite a bit, which doesn't happen often. I really, really enjoyed it. I played this for my Bloodcurdling Barrage, in which I do daily videos for all of October.


This game shocked me, it was so much better than i expected, great visuals and lighting, interesting story and some great atmosphere!

Never ending drowning hallucination
between the cycle of nature

Hello, I just recently played this game and..... I was absolutely speechless about what I experienced....

I just want to say... this is an AMAZING experience! If you've played Silent Hill.... then you will LOVE THIS!

The moving trees and the sun rotating around the tress.... YOU MADE MY EYES TEAR OF JOY!

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Je suis surpris de ce jeu qui est vraiment super

(I am surprised by this game which is really great.)

j'ai fait une video dessus, aller voir ^

(I made a video on it, go see ^^)

un juego increible! de verdad me hizo dudar mucho sobre que habia hecho el personaje principal es super interesante! me encanto!

Te hice un video en mi canal, espero que te guste!

Amazing game! Very atmospheric and the graphics are beautiful! 

Thank you so much for making this game RG Crew, really well done. The ambiance mixed with the noise really creeped me out. I really liked the scene with the fast moving sun and the disturbing noises coming out of the radio. Nicely done!

It's so cool game! I'm even more interested in Anthology in Fear than I was after the Prologue. 

Makes me miss Silent Hill even more. Fun short horror experience.

Such an intense game... I absolutely loved the atmosphere and how "alive"the environment felt. This was absolutely fantastic! 


holy hell this is cool. give this one a go.. https://taintedgames.itch.io/little-terror-one-shot-demo

Wow this is a trippy game. Its an interesting balance between mystery and horror. I liked it. It gives each player a different interpretation of the story.

Yoooo. Amazing game.  I'm gonna have to check out the film soon! Subscribe you enjoyed it. ALSO leave a like too.

Good game i recognized that siren straight away lol. 

this game was pretty good and mysterious. Wish there was more of it! I see a lot of potential in this

Amazing scary game!

Amazing experience.

How I interpreted this game, I shot Sarah with my car twisting her body into a non edible condition. I proceeded to eat both her babies, the two cars and the baby crying was the clue. And was in a baby induced coma hence the ending. Thank you letting me enjoy the baby eating glutton simulation. XOXO

Heyo, I love this game and it's relation with the video made by "Corridor Digital"

The concept in both the video and your game is GREAT! and i rate it 10/10!

Hi, we just played your game and enjoyed ourselves. Good adaptation of the short film. Thanks for making it!

Here is my video of this game, which is the 2nd game in my 3 Random Games series.

Honestly, I wanted to play more but the performance was hugely decreased by the level of quality in the scenery.

I liked this game. Here is my play through and speculation. I hope you enjoy :) 

Um.... I started the game up and All I get is me drawing white on a black screen.... Is this normal?.... o_0

Gave it a go...

I have fallen in love with what you did to my heart and soul. You made my goosebumps scream in terror. Great game!

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